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Lido Marini is a seaside resort located in lower Salento, in the municipalities of Ugento and Salve. The resort, from a bathing point of view, is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the whole Salento: the waters that bathe Lido Marini are in fact crystal clear and transparent.
It has 23 inhabitants falling under the fief of Ugento and 10 inhabitants falling under the fief of Salve; Lido Marini has 33 residents during the year, while in summer the attendance reaches 25,000.

It is located between Torre Pali (municipality of Salve) and Torre Mozza (Ugento). It stretches at the foot of one of the "greenhouses" of the Cape of Leuca, at the extreme southern tip of the Puglia region.

The beach of Lido Marini is wide with fine sand.

The surrounding area has vegetation dominated by Mediterranean scrub and the simultaneous presence of some peculiarities of vegetation mixed with the ubiquitous olive tree. Near the area there is vegetation typical of marshy and brackish environments, as well as resident and migratory fauna (mallards, teal, grey herons)..

Lido Marini overlooks the "shoals of Ugento," a stretch of sea several square kilometers in area, in which the seabed remains particularly shallow.