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Inside an authentic soul, around the sea

A mix of mysterious charm and extraordinary natural beauty

A land shrouded in an intense light, imposing mountains that slope down to the coast framing ever-changing marine scenery, cliffs carved by the wind, long beaches, bays hidden by the Mediterranean, sand dunes covered with white lilies.

Gallura and northeast coast

From Olbia to Maddalena passing through the Costa Smeralda, from Palau to Santa Teresa, Gallura and the northeast coast of Sardinia is famous for its sparkling life between the sea and elegant squares, renowned for being the spearhead in terms of quality of the Sardinian tourist offer. The jagged coastline opens onto the turquoise sea of the Costa Smeralda and small coves that hide warm sandy beaches.

Northwest coast

The beaches of this area are among the most famous of the island and are characterized by light-colored sand, such as the wonderful beach of La Pelosa, which will enchant you for its crystal clear waters. Sassari, in the immediate inland, historical urban center of Capo di Sopra and ancient royal city rich in art and nature, is the most important reference point of the north of Sardinia.

The rural hinterland

Extraneous to the rhythms of the coast is the center of Sardinia, the heart of the island. This area is characterized by a mountain landscape rich in forests, waterfalls and rivers, in a breathtaking natural setting.

Special flavors reign here, coming from the richness of the forests and the farms of the area. Mountain cold cuts, roasted meats, cheeses, chestnuts and hazelnuts, are the masters of a table enriched by the typical carasau bread and accompanied by a good glass of Cannonau wine.

A trip to the interior of Sardinia is an immersion in the ancient world of the island, where traditions testify to the deep roots of Sardinian culture and the special hospitality of the people who live there.

South Coast of the island

The real splendor of South Sardinia is the coast: long dream beaches and a sea that brings back to that of the most remote tropical paradises.

From the splendid islands of San Pietro and Sant'Antioco, to Porto Corallo, on the opposite coast, there are beaches with a tropical soul, colors and cultural riches that make southern Sardinia one of the favorite stops for international tourism.

Carloforte, the most important center of the island of San Pietro, invites you in its village, where every year explodes a festival of lights and live cooking events: the Girotonno, in honor of the sovereign fish of the island.

At the center of the Gulf of Angels is Cagliari, the island's capital, a city of artistic beauty that chase each other through the streets of the historic districts. Cagliari is good food, art galleries, shopping and nature.

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