We offer a complete management service

The company My.Ho Casa, deals with the management of short-term summer rentals of holiday homes, apartments, residences, villas and cottages.

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Why rely on Myho Casa?

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advance Payment

Compensation guaranteed by registration of the sub-lease agreement and advance payment: 20% upon signature of the contract by 30/12, 60% upon delivery of the keys, 20% during the summer season.

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Control of the property

Control with inventory at the delivery of the apartment and the subsequent return to ensure the optimal preservation of the property.

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Security and Guarantees

Insurance policy aimed at giving greater security and guarantees on the state of return of the property; Containment of consumption and compliance with the rules of stay guaranteed by the issue of credit card by the customer.

Why choose Myho Casa?

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Maximum Professionalism

Management model aimed at ensuring maximum professionalism in all phases of the lease.

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Tax Benefits And Certainty

Possibility of obtaining a tax exemption of up to 50% on the entire rent; Compliance with the tax obligations of reference in order to avoid significant penalties for failure to declare income.

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Increase The Probability Of Sale

The high turnover of customers, induced by the rental of the property in the summer periods, generates a high visibility and consequently an increase in the probability of sale of the property itself.

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